Why Straight Outta Fucking Ideas? I wanted to start a blog. I used to blog several years ago and wanted to do it again but didn’t know what I wanted to write about. Nothing seemingly unique seemed to stand out in my life, most weeks all I do is work long hours at a boring job and have great sex with my wonderful husband. Sex. Now there’s an idea. I like sex. I like having it and talking about it and would probably enjoy writing about it. I am sure I could share sex stories and ideas others would be interested in reading. So here I am.

My husband and I run Straight Outta Fucking Ideas as a couple. While we don’t claim to be sexperts we do have lots of fun and erotic ideas that we would like to share in hopes of helping other couples spice up their sex lives.  We love role-playing and have recently began to explore BDSM, though we still have lots to learn. As you read the posts feel free to comment and share your own ideas with us!

We have decided to run the blog anonymously for two reasons. First and most importantly I have adult and teenage children, and while I do talk to them about sex I don’t feel like it would benefit any of us if they were to stumble upon a post about how their mother reached heightened orgasm with her new vibrator.

Secondly, along with my anonymity comes a since of personal freedom. Since you don’t know who I am in real life I don’t mind sharing my intimate and most personal stories with you. I don’t have to worry about you stopping me in the grocery aisle and wanting to chat about role playing when all I want to do is pick up a box of macaroni and cheese to go with dinner.

As you read our posts there may be times when it is helpful to refer to ourselves in some form so we will hereby be referring to ourselves as Mr. and Mrs. Ideas. Our goal is as stated on every page, we want to be the idea to get your bedroom moving, or jumping, you decide!