Naughty Candy Surprises

The next time you are in the grocery store stop by the candy aisle and pick up these two delicious treats that you can use in naughty ways later.

  1.  The Candy Necklace

Remember wearing these tasty and accessories as a little girl? Maybe your taste in necklaces has matured but have you ever thought of wearing one of these as an edible garter? I recently ran across this idea on Cosmo and can’t wait to try it with my husband. Slide one of these on under your favorite skirt or dress and tempt him with it while you are out and enjoy having him nibble it off of you later!

2.  Candy Buttons 

Peel off the buttons, lick the back and stick them to all of the places on your body you would like a little extra attention! Once your partner has eaten off all of your buttons reward him/her with a few of their own.


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Grapefruit Blow Job

I’ll admit that this particular technique took a while to catch my interest; but when it did, I was thoroughly surprised by it. I am not a grapefruit fan as far as taste it is bitter and not very appealing, but it is a fantastic bedroom edible! The technique was posted in a video some time ago on YouTube and I’ve dropped it in here below as well.

If you can stop laughing at the ridiculous noises and have the urge for a special guest in your oral explorations, this can be fun for both participants. Below I’ll list some items I’ve found useful during the Grapefruit Technique.

Here’s what you’ll need

  1. A grapefruit. (I can usually get two middle slices out of a good sized grapefruit… but this is a necessary ingredient)
  2. A knife. (Whatever you usually use to cut fruit)
  3. A towel. (This method is very messy and even with the towel you may be washing the sheets after this method.)

In my experiences with this method the male recipient is not one bit upset about the grapefruit. There was no burning sensation as the video warns about, and given enough prep time the grapefruit should not be uncomfortably cold. This doesn’t therefore mean that all experiences are the same, so be alert for the recipient’s tells. If it is uncomfortable for the recipient then the experience could be less desirable for you.

stick figures doing dirty shit - YouTube

The user, in my case me, gets to have a lot of fun as well. The technique, although thoroughly messy, is very tasty and provides a heightened experience for both. If like me you usually wind up using your hands toward the end of a blow job, this technique allows you to incorporate your hands at all times and the grapefruit encourages me to keep using my mouth as well. I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed the taste of the grapefruit myself.

In short, the Grapefruit Technique is my favorite oral technique to use when I don’t mind a little after party clean-up. Even without enjoying a grapefruit as the fruit itself, adding the bitterly sour fruit to the bedroom is a fantastic way to spice up your love life regardless of how much or little sex you and your partner have. Remember to be mindful of the cleanup process and prep for this technique, as well as the possibility of moderate discomfort to the recipient. As for me, this method has no drawbacks of discomfort and only a slight misstep in cleanliness.

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Fruit Roll-Up Blow Job

I first heard about the idea of using a Fruit Roll-Up during a blow job from a friend at work, and why not? I am sure we all remember Fruit Roll-Ups being a tasty fruity snack as a kid, but incorporating them into the bedroom was a whole new concept for me. I had to try this.

What you need

  1. Fruit Roll-Ups
  2. That’s It!

It’s very simple, just take a Fruit Roll-Up and wrap it around the penis before giving oral. I wrap the Fruit Roll-Up around the shaft of the penis first and then mold the top pieces over the head; but, you could also tear into strips if you wanted to. There really is no wrong way to do this!

After the first time I was hooked and often keep a box of Fruit Roll-Ups bedside. For one, they are great tasting and come in lots of flavors. I mean there is nothing wrong with the taste of a penis, but there really is no taste to a penis. The flavor will also help those who might not care for the taste of ejaculate in their mouths.

Secondly, the stickiness of the Fruit Roll-Up means no hands. If you’re anything like me you may tend to get lazy while giving head, everything starts off well and then you tend to start using your hand instead. I mean, let’s be real sometimes giving a blow job is like work; hence the name job. Since the Fruit Roll-Up will adhere to the skin when moistened you have to really suck hard to get all of it off of the penis, and it is so sticky you are more likely not to use your hands.

In conclusion, the Fruit Roll-Up is quite possibly one of my favorite inexpensive additives to the bedroom. If you plan to use this method just realize it is a bit messy because of the stickiness, and also buying these fruit snacks means you’ll have to hide them from the kids, or they will eat them before they get to their intended purpose!



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