G is for G-Spot: How To Locate It


The G-spot, also called the Grafenburg spot after German gynecologist Ernst Grafenburg, is an erogenous area of the vagina that when stimulated can lead to powerful orgasms and potential female ejaculation (or squirting.)

The G-spot is so elusive that many women don’t even believe they have one. When British researchers asked 1800 women if they had a G-spot only 56% said they did. Though the G-spot has been a topic of debate for many years in the medical and scientific community it has now been proven in the Journal of Sexual Medicine that yes, every woman does possess this anatomical pleasure point.

The G-spot is often referred to as the female prostate because the tissue surrounding it has the same chemical make-up as the male prostate and in some cases can cause a female to ejaculate when stimulated. I personally have experienced a G-spot orgasm and it is unlike any other and was even more intense than a clitoris orgasm for me and I do in fact squirt when my G-spot is stimulated.

The main problem in having a G-spot orgasm for many women is figuring out where exactly the G-spot is. Locating the G-spot can take a little time and patience and be done alone or with the help of your partner but however you decide to venture on this journey here are some tips on how you can locate it:

Lie back, bend your knees and spread your legs, your vagina should now be open and accessible. With your palm facing up, place two fingers inside your vagina, placing the tips of your fingers against the center upper vaginal wall. “You’re seeking a spongy, puckered, or slightly ridged area, like the roof of your mouth,” explains Celeste Hirschman, assistant professor at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality.

If you are having little success at first try relaxing more and becoming more aroused. If you are searching with a partner try some other forms of foreplay like kissing or stimulating your clitoris or nipples. When you are aroused the G-spot fills with fluid making it larger and easier to find. Since the G-spot is located so close to the urethra one sure sign you have located it is you may feel like you have a sudden need to pee. This will pass.

Good hunting and once you find your magic button try different pressures and stroking positions. There are many sex toys available for G-spot stimulation and don’t forget to try different angles and positions as well while having intercourse. Doggie-style and cowgirl are good positions for possible G-spot stimulation as is adding a few pillows under your butt so that the penis is entering and penetrating at an angle during missionary.






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Q is for Queening

So, I’m willing to guess that some of you females like me have tried queening long before you ever knew the name of it. Queening is the act in which a woman sits or straddles herself over her partner’s face and presses and rubs her genitalia (or anus) over her partner’s lips and tongue. Queening is also often referred to as face-sitting.

The practice of Queening has been around for hundreds of years and practiced in many cultures. The practice was originally started as a way for upper-class women (including queens) who wished to achieve orgasm without becoming pregnant, The “queen” could be a woman who wished to keep her virginity or a wife whose husband wasn’t around to keep her satisfied.

So, are you feeling like a queen? What are you waiting for? Have your partner lie down, take off your panties, and mount your “throne.” Try lovingly “teasing” your partner by moving in and out of his reach making him want more. (Try tying or cuffing his hands ahead of time.)  Unlike other oral techniques, queening puts you in control of both your partner and your pleasure. Your partner will enjoy the view, the smell, the darkness, and the slight lack of air as you put your weight upon him.

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B is for Blindfold: Ideas for Blindfold Play

When Mr. Ideas and I purchased our first bondage kit several months ago it came with a blindfold. Blindfolds are a fun and sexy way to spice up your sex life. If you are new to the concepts of BDSM this will be a great beginning exercise for you and your partner to try. If you don’t have a blindfold handy grab a necktie, scarf, or bandana. As long as the object you are using is comfortable and blocks out sight it will work.

So one of the questions you may be wondering is “Why use a blindfold?” When you cut off one of your senses the other four intensify. Most of us rely heavily on our sense of sight but when we lose that we become much more aware of what is really going on around us. Our sense of touch magnifies and what might have been a slight touch before can make us quiver when we didn’t see it coming. We hear the increased breathing, smell the scented candles burning and taste the lips of our lover all the more.

Without the sense of sight, the blindfolded partner is left to lie there anticipating their lover’s next move which makes it a great time to try out new things. Here is a small list of things to try on your partner while he/she is blindfolded:

  1.  Move your hands (tongue, or feather) slowly over your lover’s body. Focus on areas you might normally not give much attention to when making love.
  2. Break out the ice. Move the ice slowly over your lover’s body as it melts. Not knowing this cold sensation is coming will definitely add to the element of surprise.
  3. Use a vibrator to massage over your partner’s body. Intensify speeds as you wish. This works great with a metal vibrator because of the smooth cool feeling.
  4. Try out a new toy your partner may enjoy but be a little nervous about. Now might be the perfect time to try out those nipple clamps or to lube up a butt plug or anal beads and try them out on your partner. (You can check out our guide to beginning anal play HERE.)
  5. Don’t forget to give your partner oral. A little ice or a menthol cough drop will add a little tingling and sensitivity as your senses are heightened. If your guy is the one blindfolded it might also be a good time to try The Grapefruit Blow Job. 
  6. Feed your blindfolded lover some special treats like strawberries, grapes, or chocolate.
  7. Other items you might want to include: feathers, oils, wax, and massagers.

Blindfold play can add intimacy and trust to your relationship. The partner with the blindfold can’t see what is about to happen and has to fully trust that whatever his/her partner is about to do will be an arousing experience for the both of you.  Blindfolding your partner puts you in a very dominate state. Your partner has entrusted you with their entire body and that is a lot of power.

However, as with all activities, communication is key. Talk to your partner about sex. Talk about things you would like to try and things you are definitely not okay with. If you are afraid your partner might do something you are uncomfortable with have a “safe word.” A safe word is a word that you set up with your partner and use in sexual situations where you would like them to stop or become less intense. Safe words are used commonly during role play when “No” might not necessarily mean “No.”


Also see: A is for Anal: Tips for Beginners

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Naughty Candy Surprises

The next time you are in the grocery store stop by the candy aisle and pick up these two delicious treats that you can use in naughty ways later.

  1.  The Candy Necklace

Remember wearing these tasty and accessories as a little girl? Maybe your taste in necklaces has matured but have you ever thought of wearing one of these as an edible garter? I recently ran across this idea on Cosmo and can’t wait to try it with my husband. Slide one of these on under your favorite skirt or dress and tempt him with it while you are out and enjoy having him nibble it off of you later!

2.  Candy Buttons 

Peel off the buttons, lick the back and stick them to all of the places on your body you would like a little extra attention! Once your partner has eaten off all of your buttons reward him/her with a few of their own.


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What is Role Play?

Role playing is changing one’s behavior to assume a given or assumed role. When you add it to your bedroom foreplay, a word which here means fooling around pre-sex, then it can be an entertaining and arousing addition. Role playing can and has reinvigorated love lives, while at the same time ones that don’t need revived are kept fun and lively.

As with any role there are several different methods and/or types of role playing that really just depend on the people involved whether or not they will work for the intended purpose. If you are interested in getting started in role playing in the bedroom you can check out these ->Fucking Ideas<- and start your foreplay off like a professional. If you like, it is encouraged to get a few costumes and items to play the part such as a feather duster or stethoscope.

The gallery for --> Stethoscope Heart Tattoos

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25+ Role Playing Ideas for Beginners

Whether you are just starting out on your role playing journey or have became quite the expert here are a few role playing ideas to help spice up your sex life:

  1. Massage Therapist works on the tense patient and offers a little something “extra”. (See sample scenario below.)
  2. Naughty School Girl is sent to the Principal’s office for some discipline.
  3. Playful Maid cleans up for the lonely bachelor.
  4. Officer pulls over the suspect who will do anything to avoid jail.
  5. Naughty Nurse checks on the patient. (See sample scenario below.)
  6. Want-to-be Porn Star goes for her interview and has to show her skills.
  7. Birthday Boy/Girl visits a strip club and gets more than a lap dance for his/her birthday.
  8. The Lonely Widow calls a giggalo to come and service her.
  9. Best Friend shows up for an uninvited visit and catches the other friend in the act of masturbating.
  10.  The Curious Shopper shows up at the sex shop and gets some hands on toy demonstrations.
  11. The Desperate Woman shows up for her job interview.
  12. Wrestlers have a bet that whoever wins the match gets what they want from their rival .
  13.  The Inmate seduces the Prison Guard.
  14. The Sexy Caretaker meets all of her patient’s needs.
  15. Strangers meet at a bar and have more than drinks.
  16. A “John” picks up a prostitute for some naughty fun.
  17. The Plumber does more for the woman of the house than fix her sink.
  18.  You just got a package delivered and it’s your new SexBot. The SexBot is programmed to follow your every command.
  19. The Hotel Guest calls the manager and requests a bath be drawn for them.
  20. The Overly Obsessed Stalker kidnaps their victim and ties them down in the basement.
  21. Steward/Stewardess and lucky flight passenger join the Mile High Club. (see below)
  22. Futuristic person finds an obsolete cryogenic tube with a surprise inside.
  23. Cowboys and Indians grown ups edition!
  24. Boss gives employee a tip to the top.
  25. Mr. Fire Hose has to put a little extra back into putting out the fire.
  26. Act out your favorite movie couple.
  27. Tenant pays the rent or gets the shaft. (see below)


If you are new to role playing and not quite sure where to start, check out these 6 sexy role playing scenarios for couples from Bedroomroleplay.com

  1.  Lonely Redeye Flight: The Flight Attendant Gives Commentary Service to the Handsome Passenger
  2. Risk of Eviction:Desperate Tenant Convinces Property Manager Not to Kick Her Out
  3. Relaxing Massage: The Masseur Gives A Sensual Message To The Tense Woman
  4. Surprise Wake Up: The Patient Wakes Up To A Naughty Nurse
  5. Private Lap Dance: The Stripper Breaks Her Own Rules in the VIP Room During The Private Lap Dance
  6. Doctors On Call: The Stressed MDs Comfort Each Other During A Long Shift

I personally have tried most of these scenarios. #2 and #5 are also fun with the gender roles reversed.



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