Random Thursday: A to Z List of Creative Names for Genitalia (Male Edition)

So what does Mr. Ideas do when he gets bored at work? He makes an A to Z alliteration list of creative names you can call your genitalia.

Aerodynamic Artillery Appendage

Battered Beaten Bronken & Bruised

Clit Commander

Dippin’ Dot

Erotic Elephant

Fully Functional Frankfurter for Fun Filled Fridays

Groundhog Guarddog

Hip-Height Hungarian Horn

Injection Inseminator

Jizz Jockey

Mr Penis -- Run cycle - YouTube

King’s Kicker

Lover’s Log

Nut Nectar Nozzle

One-Eyed Oncologist

Purple-Headed Pulverizer

Queen’s Quill

Rechargeable Roleplay Rifle

Standing Shorts Stuffer

Tuna Taco Taste Tester

Ultimate Underwear Unicorn

Vagina Verifier

Warlock’s Warhammer

Xenismos Xenipentone

Yucky Yacker

Zipper Zucchini

Join the fun. Do you have a creative name for your member? Share below and be sure to stop by next Thursday to see the A to Z female list!

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