What is Role Play?

Role playing is changing one’s behavior to assume a given or assumed role. When you add it to your bedroom foreplay, a word which here means fooling around pre-sex, then it can be an entertaining and arousing addition. Role playing can and has reinvigorated love lives, while at the same time ones that don’t need revived are kept fun and lively.

As with any role there are several different methods and/or types of role playing that really just depend on the people involved whether or not they will work for the intended purpose. If you are interested in getting started in role playing in the bedroom you can check out these ->Fucking Ideas<- and start your foreplay off like a professional. If you like, it is encouraged to get a few costumes and items to play the part such as a feather duster or stethoscope.

The gallery for --> Stethoscope Heart Tattoos

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25+ Role Playing Ideas for Beginners

Whether you are just starting out on your role playing journey or have became quite the expert here are a few role playing ideas to help spice up your sex life:

  1. Massage Therapist works on the tense patient and offers a little something “extra”. (See sample scenario below.)
  2. Naughty School Girl is sent to the Principal’s office for some discipline.
  3. Playful Maid cleans up for the lonely bachelor.
  4. Officer pulls over the suspect who will do anything to avoid jail.
  5. Naughty Nurse checks on the patient. (See sample scenario below.)
  6. Want-to-be Porn Star goes for her interview and has to show her skills.
  7. Birthday Boy/Girl visits a strip club and gets more than a lap dance for his/her birthday.
  8. The Lonely Widow calls a giggalo to come and service her.
  9. Best Friend shows up for an uninvited visit and catches the other friend in the act of masturbating.
  10.  The Curious Shopper shows up at the sex shop and gets some hands on toy demonstrations.
  11. The Desperate Woman shows up for her job interview.
  12. Wrestlers have a bet that whoever wins the match gets what they want from their rival .
  13.  The Inmate seduces the Prison Guard.
  14. The Sexy Caretaker meets all of her patient’s needs.
  15. Strangers meet at a bar and have more than drinks.
  16. A “John” picks up a prostitute for some naughty fun.
  17. The Plumber does more for the woman of the house than fix her sink.
  18.  You just got a package delivered and it’s your new SexBot. The SexBot is programmed to follow your every command.
  19. The Hotel Guest calls the manager and requests a bath be drawn for them.
  20. The Overly Obsessed Stalker kidnaps their victim and ties them down in the basement.
  21. Steward/Stewardess and lucky flight passenger join the Mile High Club. (see below)
  22. Futuristic person finds an obsolete cryogenic tube with a surprise inside.
  23. Cowboys and Indians grown ups edition!
  24. Boss gives employee a tip to the top.
  25. Mr. Fire Hose has to put a little extra back into putting out the fire.
  26. Act out your favorite movie couple.
  27. Tenant pays the rent or gets the shaft. (see below)


If you are new to role playing and not quite sure where to start, check out these 6 sexy role playing scenarios for couples from Bedroomroleplay.com

  1.  Lonely Redeye Flight: The Flight Attendant Gives Commentary Service to the Handsome Passenger
  2. Risk of Eviction:Desperate Tenant Convinces Property Manager Not to Kick Her Out
  3. Relaxing Massage: The Masseur Gives A Sensual Message To The Tense Woman
  4. Surprise Wake Up: The Patient Wakes Up To A Naughty Nurse
  5. Private Lap Dance: The Stripper Breaks Her Own Rules in the VIP Room During The Private Lap Dance
  6. Doctors On Call: The Stressed MDs Comfort Each Other During A Long Shift

I personally have tried most of these scenarios. #2 and #5 are also fun with the gender roles reversed.



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