Masturbation Monday: Sex Diary Entry


It has been a long week and I am exhausted. It is 3 am and I think about just going to sleep but I really want to cum and more than that I really want HIM to cum. After a few minutes of kissing I reach down and begin to stroke his manhood. I spit on my hand and stroke the now wet penis up and down. I adore the way his sexy brown eyes look at me intensely and his mouth is slightly gaped open in ecstasy. I know he wants to explode but I want to see him jack-off. I stop and begin to caress his balls in my hand hoping he will continue where I left off. He takes the bait (or rather the dick) and begins to jerk vigorously. I can’t handle it anymore. I spread my legs and reach down to my now swollen clit. I rub it with my middle finger, quickly with side to side motion. He watches, moving his hand up and down the shaft of his penis faster and faster. With our naked bodies touching side by side my eyes dart from his face to his hand, not being able to decide which I’d rather see, his look of wanting that release or his hand on his throbbing hard cock. I cum first, fast and hard. I slip my fingers inside and place them dripping wet inside my lover’s mouth. That is all it takes, he explodes his load all over my trembling naked body. As his warm cum touches my skin I cum again. It drips down my neck, it covers my bare breast and trickles over my hard nipples, it dribbles over the sides of my plump belly and towards my hairless pussy. I look at him and all I can say is “thank you.”

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