T.M.I. Tuesday: Deep Thoughts

I recently ran across this fun idea and decided even though it might not provide bedroom ideas it would be a great way for you to get to know a little more about me.

TMI Tuesday blog1. What promises have you never carried through for yourself? I promised myself I would live one day at a time and not worry about what that future holds. That has proven to be a little difficult and while I haven’t technically broken that promise it is a work in progress.

2. If you could change one law of your country, what would it be? I live in the US where circumcision is quite common for baby boys even though it has been proven to be nothing more than a cosmetic procedure. I would like for the laws to protect male genital mutilation just as it does for females.

3. Are you a starter or a finisher? Definitely a starter. I will begin all sorts of projects and not carry through with them.

4. How do Mondays feel for you? What about Tuesdays? I am currently working a dead end job with long hours. My dream is to be able to generate enough income from my blog to quit said job. So Mondays are a reminder to me that I am a prisoner of the work force and I no longer have my day to myself. Tuesday is much the same.

5. What scares you about your future? I am nearing 40 and that scares me. I feel like there is a lot in life that I still want to do, lots of places I’d still like to travel. I feel like I don’t have enough stories to tell. I’m scared of running out of time or getting to old to do the things I’d like to do in life.

Bonus: What do you wish you cared less about? I wish I cared less about what other people think about me.

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One thought on “T.M.I. Tuesday: Deep Thoughts”

  1. 2. And/or educate the public so that people make informed, rational decisions rather than just doing what the medical community says do just because it has been done that way. Yes, maybe a law is needed because a little baby boy has no voice.

    Thanks for playing TMI Tuesday and sharing your thoughts.


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